Komodo OS v3.1 - Reptile

Xiaomi Redmi 7

Redmi 7 (Onclite)


    • Merged android-11.0.0_r38 (June Sec Patch)
    • Redfin June fingerprint
    • Added Battery Styles
    • Added Network Traffic
    • Added QS Location 3 Mode
    • Added Advance Reboot menu
    • Added Caffeine QS tile
    • Added Sound QS tile
    • Added USB tethering QS tile
    • Added SELinux status info in settings
    • Added Battery Health
    • Move Enable Blurs to display fragment
    • Added spoofing signature
    • Added Network app isolation
    • Added more accent overlay
    • Added more fonts overlay
    • Added button kill app and clear all in Recent App
    • One click add/remove in QS tile
    • Enforcing SELinux
    • Shipped with Google Camera Go with Night Mode + AUX (2nd back camera) switching support
    • Set GPU as default debug composition type
    • Increase padding for Notifications and QS panel
    • Implement MagiskHide into vendor init
    • Override build properties from vendor init
    • Use build properties from Redfin (RQ3A.210605.005) release
    • Match main and lockscreen status bar padding as per stock
    • Enable EGL HW Rendering
    • [NOTES] Clean Flash recomennded
    • [NOTES] GApps release
    • [NOTES] Use Magisk v23 if wanna root
    • [NOTES] CTS/SafetyNet need MagiskHide
    • [NOTES] Banking apps working


Custom ROM dengan segala kearifan lokalnya.

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