Komodo OS v2.9 - Bali

Redmi Note 9 Pro (Joyeuse)



    • New version 2.9 - Bali.
    • Merge Tag Android 10.0.0_r46.
    • Added new lockscreen clock style.
    • Added POSP Volume plugin.
    • Added new ScreenRecorder.
    • Rework QS panel.
    • Rework UI Komodo Settings (@Genkzsz11 optimization).
    • Added QS data usage.
    • Added support Bluetooth TWSl.
    • More gesture navigation.
    • Added Notch-3-City (hide cutout).
  • Use kernel Project Thanks you last.
  • Disable encryptions (no more wipe data on twrp).
  • Add powerhint.
  • Add support for Alipay fingerprint payment.
  • Build consumerIr from source.
  • Increse swap to 2GB.
  • And many² changes.



Custom ROM dengan segala kearifan lokalnya.

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